Output from hindcasts of the Moreton Bay model for the first month of January 2011 are presented below. This period encompasses the severe flooding event that submerged significant areas of Brisbane city. This page will be updated as more information becomes available.

Click on the links below to view the output.

DISCLAIMER: These products are under development and are for demonstration purposes only. CSIRO  accepts no responsibility for any subsequent use of the modelling results provided.



River flows

        Caboolture, Pine, Bremer, Brisbane

        Logan, Albert, Coomera



Moreton Bay Salinity & Temperature

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North Moreton Bay Salinity & Currents

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Regional Salinity & Temperature

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Mid-Bay E-W Salinity section

                                    GIF animation     Download .fli animation


Salinity section from Brisbane River mouth to North Passage


Salinity section in the northern Bay


Salinity section in the central Bay


Salinity section in the southern Bay


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